Dofollow Back Links:

A link that helps in terms of SEO bypassing the authority of the origin website to the destination site. Dofollow link passes Web PageRank signals and also called as SEO or link juice. Dofollow backlinks will help to improve a website index or domain rating, which helps to improve keyword ranking.


Nofollow Back Links:

Nofollow back links of any website lets  google search crawlers know that the link shouldn’t affect the PageRank score or domain rating.  Human users can still interact and benefit with the link,  this is purely an algorithm distinction.


How Page Rank Affected By Dofollow Links:

A web’s PageRank is basically its worth in Google’s eyes. “PageRank signals are fundamentally focuses that tell Google and other web indexes the page that is being connected to is significant or has important data on it,” said Ronto.

Pages with a more noteworthy PageRank ordinarily seem higher up on web crawler results pages (SERP). “There are a lot of different elements that assist a page or a site with positioning great in the SERPs,” go on Pronto, “yet connects are viewed as entirely important and [a] center signal to the web search tools of commendable data.”

Natalia Wulfe, CMO of Effective Spend further makes sense of, “When an exceptionally positioned site connects to a lower positioned webpage with a dofollow interface they are passing along their ‘interface juice,’ supporting the worth of the lower positioned site’s worth to the web search tool.” The lower positioned website gets more PageRank focuses from the top notch Dofollow connect.

Ronto adds, “These focuses are the significant differentiation on why a DoFollow interface is superior to a NoFollow connect when you are out there building joins back to your webpage.” While dofollow connections might be fundamental for SEO purposes, nofollow joins are urgent for sites too.

When Should a Nofollow Backlink Be Used?

A nofollow backlink ought to be utilized when you would rather not pass interface juice to, or underwrite the connected site.

For instance, nofollow backlinks were first perceived via web search tools in 2005 when remark spam turned into an issue. Website admins had the option to make joins in the remark fields nofollow so the site wouldn’t profit from spamming remarks with joins.

Different circumstances where you should utilize a nofollow connection would be for supported joins, offshoot connections, or client produced content.

Are Nofollow Links Bad?

No! Getting nofollow joins is definitely not something terrible. In spite of the fact that you don’t get the full SEO advantages of a dofollow connect, nofollow connections can produce traffic to your site, as well as broaden your backlink portfolio. A characteristic backlink profile comprises of a dissemination of both dofollow and nofollow backlinks.


SEO Course | Introduction & Outlines


  • What Is SEO?
  • How Search Engine Works
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analysis of keyword
  • Website Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • SEO Setup


  • Meta tag Optimization
  • Canonicalization for duplicate pages
  • Image Optimization
  • URL Rewriting
  • Alt / Title / H1 / H2 tag placements
  • Internal linking
  • Add New Content Pages


  • Articles Writing and Submissions
  • Building one way links from relevant websites
  • Link Bait Ideas / Setup
  • Blog Setup, Customization & Optimization
  • Web Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Posts/Comments
  • Do-Follow Web 2.0 Links


  • Social Media Profiles set up
  • Promotion on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Monitoring of social media updates
  • Customized Facebook fan landing page
  • Twitter profile background
  • Facebook Ad campaign set up & ad optimization



Free Online Earning Courses in Pakistan



RTS Solutions is one of the top organizations providing online earning courses. After learning the below courses, an individual can earn up to $10000/M from home. We provide online and offline training to our students and provides training and internship certificate as well.

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Our Courses

  • Freelancing Course
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing & Development
  • Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing
  • Virtual Assistant Course


  1. Freelancing Course

This course is meant to teach our student, the tips and tricks of freelancing in the simplest and effective way. What to do and what not to do will be discussed, about which a freelancer must be aware of. We will provide Introduction of different types of freelance marketplaces web portals like Fiverr, upwork, oolancer, freelancer and others will be introduced and discussed in detail so that a trainee could effectively make money by using these portals.

Course includes:

  • Define freelancing
  • Identify different types of freelance marketplaces
  • Identify the pros and cons of freelancing
  • Identify and apply their strengths/skills in the freelance market
  • Sign up as a freelancer at different platforms
  • Create an effective profile on freelance platforms
  • Search the right projects
  • Write a winning proposal
  • Define the importance of communication skills
  • Manage a project once it is awarded
  • Manage project payments
  • Identify the importance of feedback for the profile
  • Identify the steps to keep projects coming
  • Identify the mistakes and problems every freelancer’s faces
  • Identify steps to become a Successful Freelancer
  • Identify the steps to grow as a freelancer
  • Identify how to retain existing client
  1. SEO & Digital Marketing Course

SEO is one of the top-selling services in the world. It is very easy and everyone can learn easily. You can earn money by giving this service on freelancing market places like, Fivver, Oolancer, upwork, freelancer and many more.

SEO is one of the most important skills in Digital Marketing. If businesses can learn to rank their websites on Google, then they can literally expect millions of organic visitors to their website with millions of opportunities to get customers and leads to sales.

In this course, you will learn about what is Google, how search works, how do Search Engines rank websites, why Google is the ultimate search engine, how can you rank your targeted keywords. In this course, you will also learn how to optimize your content and websites to rank high, how to use tools to perform SEO, and how to run an SEO project successfully.

   SEO Course Outline:

We will guide you with some practice and you are well on your way to becoming a SEO expert.

  • Introduction To SEO
  • Use the Google Search engine efficiently
  • Efficient keyword research
  • Utilize keywords with your unique content
  • Plan SEO activities based on how search engines rank websites
  • Change the existing structure of a website to rank it higher in search results
  • Perform On-page SEO to rank the website higher in Google
  • Integrate on-page factors like Sitemap, Robots.txt, and Schema
  • Configure important tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Implement different on-page plugin on a WordPress website
  • Perform Off-page Optimization, also called Link Building, Business Listing
  • Perform Video, Social Media, and AppStore SEO
  • Learn how to Avoid Negative SEO
  • Apply advanced techniques that will make the websites rank better than competitors
  • Use some of the most important tools for SEO
  1. Web Designing & Development

Web designing and development is also a top selling service worldwide. You can sell this on freelancing platforms after completing this course easily.

We guide you to learn various techniques, tools, and programming languages in order to create and maintain web pages. There are many platforms to design websitess but we will focus top two WordPress and Shopify. After completing this course, you will be able to design:

  • Business Websites
  • Blog Websites
  • E-Commerce website
  • Dropshipping Store
  • Affiliate Store

This course will include:

  • Store Creation
  • Theme Customization
  • Blog creation
  • Products uploading
  • Woo-commerce
  • Apps & Plugin
  • Domain Integration
  • Hosting
  1. Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping and affiliate marketing is a very popular ways of online earning these days. In this course, we will guide you on how to earn money from dropshipping and affiliates.

Dropshipping can be a profitable business model for merchants.  In dropshipping, you are not responsible for manufacturing or shipping. It’s a low-risk business model that doesn’t require huge costs like a wholesaler would normally have, and you can earn a good profit margin with the right suppliers.

We Will Guide you:

  • How to start online stores?
  • How to search products?
  • How to negotiate with suppliers?
  • How to get first order?
  • How to increase sales?
  • How to use affiliate marketing?
  1. Virtual Assistant Course

This course is specially designed for those who want to learn and earn as a Virtual Assistant Amazon , Etsy,  on eBay and other such platforms. Get the necessary skills to work as a Virtual Assistant (VA) on Upwork, Fiverr, oolancer and other Platforms.

Amazon Virtual Assistant is a highly demanding freelancing service in which you can maintain long-term relationships with your clients and is a source of consistent income for you. Those who register in this course will learn how to work from home as an Amazon Virtual Assistant, taking tasks from clients and performing other duties as assigned.

After completion of this course, the trainees will be able to handle issues linked to Amazon:

  • Create an account on Amazon Seller Central Globally
  • Understand the Business models of Amazon, like FBA, FBM, & Dropshipping
  • Start Business of Amazon FBA Wholesale & PL (Private Label)
  • Use giant platforms like Alibaba, Walmart, to expand the Business.
  • Hunt winning Products to sell on Amazon.
  • Do Niche Analysis and Keyword Research
  • Create optimized Product Lists
  • Handle Case with Amazon
  • Source Products from other Countries & Inventory Management
  • Launch a product & Rank it to generate high revenue
  • Apply Advertising Techniques (PPC) on Amazon to increase sales
  • Start working on eBay as Merchant
  • Find clients from outside of the Freelance Marketplaces